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Murr Yanochik Obtains $300K Verdict for Man Shot in Sports Bar

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Murr Yanochik Obtains $300K Verdict for Man Shot in Sports Bar

Our Houston attorneys at Murr Yanochik, PLLC successfully reached a trial victory for a client who was shot by another man in a sports bar. After our lawyers skillfully presented the victim's case in trial, a jury awarded him a $300,000 verdict for the disfigurement, pain and suffering, and mental anguish he endured due to his injuries.

The shooter, who had claimed self-defense in the case, is someone our client had previously done business with. We represented the plaintiff in Linh Hoang Ngo v. Hoang Ngoc Pham in the 125th Judicial District Court for Harris County, Texas (Cause No. 2011-57466).

Before the violent incident occurred, the defendant had been harassing other patrons at a sports bar. This is said to have escalated into the defendant taking out a 0.38 revolver and shooting two people. One of the shooting victims was our client.

While the defendant claimed self-defense, our lawyers effectively challenged this claim by showing surveillance footage during trial that suggested otherwise. The legal team also had the plaintiff take the stand, where he described the damages he had endured and talked about how challenging it was to go through his surgery and recovery.

In the end, the jury made the right choice in holding the defendant liable for the damages he caused in the shooting. We are pleased that the shooting victim was able to obtain the compensation he rightfully deserved. On our legal team, we have seasoned trial attorneys who bring a strong presence to the courtroom. These lawyers share more than 40 years of combined legal experience.

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