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Numismatic Insurance Case


The attorneys at Murr Yanochik, PLLC recently obtained a very advantageous settlement for a Houston numismatic dealer against its Lloyds of London-based insurance carrier.  One of the client’s largest-ever shipments of gold and silver coins and bullion was lost in transit, and the shipping service’s liability was limited by contract to $100, making the client’s business survival dependent on a successful insurance claim.  Despite multiple challenges with the claim, including particular policy provisions, allegations of contributory negligence, and statements given to the insurer’s investigators before Murr Yanochik’s involvement, the firm managed to secure a settlement equaling 96% of the client’s damages, without the client having to submit to an Examination Under Oath or deposition.

When a numismatic claim arises, choosing the right attorney is critical, because shippers’ liability is often limited, numismatic policies contain extensive restrictions and exclusions that other policies do not contain, and numismatic insurers investigate every detail of claims with a level of scrutiny that exceeds that of ordinary property insurers.  If your numismatic business has an insurance or other claim, the attorneys at Murr Yanochik, PLLC are ready and able to help.