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Apartment Fires: Losing Everything That You Own and Becoming Homeless

The City Station Apartments are located at 905 Cypress Station, Houston, Texas 77090. On January 15, 2019, a fire broke out at the City Station Apartments, 990 Cypress Station Drive, Houston, Texas 77090. Media reports stated that the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office was investigating.  The Harris County Fire Marshal is responsible for finding the cause and source of fires within Harris County. Apartment fires can destroy everything that a family owns. They can destroy all of your belongings, precious heirlooms, photographs, and memories, even pets. Apartment fires can also kill people.

On December 21, 2019, an apartment fire struck at the City Station Apartments and damaged approximately 12 units. Families lost everything that they owned. They were also left (literally) homeless. To go from having an apartment home to having nothing and being homeless is a devastating and catastrophic experience for anyone. Attorneys from this Firm seek to assist those who have been so completely devastated.

Attorneys from this Firm are actively investigating at least one fire here in the Houston area. This Firm has successfully represented multiple families in apartment fire disasters in the past, including the fire at the Oak Springs Apartments in San Antonio, Texas in September of 2016. In that fire, 24 units were damaged or destroyed from a fire that began in the wall. Media investigations revealed that apartment management has been warned about a faulty outlet before the fire.

Attorneys from this Firm obtained a Temporary Restraining Order against the apartment owners and apartment management from the Bexar County District Court. The Temporary Restraining Order compelled the apartment complex owners from demolishing the apartment complex building until fire investigation experts retained by this Firm were allowed to enter and conduct an investigation.

After two weeks had elapsed, when the apartment owers and management had not complied, attorneys from this Firm returned to the Bexar County District Court and obtained a Temporary Injunction against the apartment owners and management. Eventually, the apartment owners and management were forced to let this Firm’s fire investigators enter and perform their work.

The case was filed and eventually settled out of court. If you have been damaged or injured in an apartment fire, give us a call at 713-966-6140 or email us at