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Business Losses In The Event Of Natural Disasters

Hurricanes, storms and other natural disasters can cause devastating damage to your business. The road to recovery can be a long one and made longer if you do not take immediate action. [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″], provides counsel and advice for businesses to mitigate the damages.

The first step for a business following natural disaster damage is to locate insurance policies. Many business insurance policies cover:

  • Damage to structure
  • Damage to contents within the building
  • Business interruption
  • Other coverages, such as for fire, theft, vandalism

Call or email your insurance company representatives right away to let them know you will be filing a claim. You may have a limited time to file a claim and may have to follow a strict reporting protocol. Your insurance representative should readily provide this information. Find out when they will send an adjuster to your business structure.

Document Your Losses

Photographs are the most common method to document the damage to your business structure. Take as many pictures as needed and print them as soon as possible for your records. Record your business losses and potential costs. Contact your suppliers and notify business clients. Written records will be necessary for a successful insurance claim. Keep receipts of expenses related to the losses.

Your insurance company will require you to take reasonable steps to mitigate damages and lessen the losses if you are able. The insurance company claims adjuster will prepare a report based on their investigation and expert analysis. The insurance company’s report may minimize your damages and their initial offer may not completely cover the damage to your business. Attorney George Murr is a highly experienced insurance lawyer and can assist you.

Business Loss Attorney: How [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″], Can Help

Contact [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-3″], today for a complimentary consultation about your business losses during and after natural disasters. Attorney George Murr can help you determine what losses are included in your insurance policy and maximize the total amount covered by your claim. Call [nap_phone id=”LOCAL-CT-NUMBER-1″] or send an email to the firm to schedule a consultation.